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Bryony was bought into our practice to help include the midwifery aspect of pregnancy and birth that is often missing in private obstertrics.

She trained in the Uk and worked in a top London hospital before moving to Australia eight years ago. As well as working at Manly Beach Babies she works part time at the Mater as a birthing suite Midwife, where many of our patients get to have her caring for them during their labour if her shifts align.

She will be available during the pregnancy to provide you with midwifery support, as well as doing a mental health and wellbeing screening and a birth preparation appointment. She loves being able to support you to get the birth that you want, whether that involves a pool birth, an epidural or an elective caesarean section. She is also an expert on hand expressing and will provide you with a pack to collect colostrum antenatally if you would like to, as well as being available in the postnatal period to offer support.

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