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Relieving the pain of pleasure

Jan 28 '19

Many women suffer pain during sex but relatively few seek help. A new laser treatment can help them rediscover pleasure. Helpful information

Exercise during Pregnancy!

Sep 04 '17

Regular exercise is an important part of life for many women, and most wish to continue exercising during pregnancy.
Dr Ferry does recommend an informed and sensible exercise routine that is both enjoyable and beneficial during pregnancy. Helpful information

Post delivery - your newborn baby.

Aug 14 '17

A few shots of Dr Ferry post delivery. Please continue reading for what to expect after having a baby and how Dr Ferry will help... Helpful information

It's Twins!

Aug 01 '17

Dr Ferry's experience and success in delivering healthy twins is shown in only a few select photos above. Please continue reading for further information regarding Dr Ferry caring for you and your twins.. Helpful information

You, Your Baby & Whooping Cough!

Jul 18 '17

Dr Ferry is extremely diligent in making sure his obstetric patients receive there Whooping Cough vaccination. Please continue to read what Whooping Cough is and why we do our best to identify, protect and prevent you and your baby from it! Helpful information

Combating insomnia during menopause

Insomnia is considered to be one of the most tiresome and debilitating of the menopause symptoms. Long-term insomnia can contribute to anxiety, as ...

Our Stunning Rooms! Helpful information

Our Stunning Rooms!

May 29 '17

Dr Ferry now only practises out of his Manly Rooms located on Level 5, 22 Darley Road. We also have Dr Sarah Woodbury, Dr Paul Fowler, Dr Kate Hale, Dr Kerry Gaudry and Sydney Ultrasound for Women practising here. Our team at Manly Beach Babies would like to take a moment to appreciate the extraordinary view we came into this morning! Helpful information

Choosing a Hospital

Apr 17 '17

Dr Ferry works on Sydney's North Shore and can deliver your baby in the best available facilities. The following provides a brief comparison of the... Helpful information

Health Problems During Pregnancy

Apr 17 '17

Various health problems can occur during pregnancy, ranging from minor discomfort and inconvenience through to potentially life threatening issues.... Helpful information

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Apr 14 '17 Better Health Government Site provides a comprehensive resource for expecting mothers. provides a...