Cosmetic Gynaecology (Labiaplasty)

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Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for reducing the labia minora, which are the external folds of paired skin structures surrounding the vagina.  Many women feel that these skin folds are too large or even unattractive.

In some instances women can experience pain during intercourse, or feel discomfort during everyday activities or when wearing tight-fitting clothing. Others may feel unattractive, or wish to enhance their sexual experiences by reducing the size of these skin folds.The procedure is very straight forward and recovery is quick with good results as the area heals extremely well.

In addition some women may wish to alter the size or shape of the vagina, mainly to "tighten the vagina after childbirth" and despite some women being embarrassed by asking,  it is becoming increasingly requested in recent times. 

Aug 11 '17

So informative post.I came to know about many valuable things about Labiaplasty. Want to know more about. How can we reduce the critics of Labiaplasty.

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