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Dr Jim Ferry is the owner of Manly Beach Babies where he currently practises as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Dr Ferry is immensely experienced in gynaecology and has delivered over 5000 babies in his career as an obstetrician! 


Dr Jim Ferry trained initially at Glasgow University and qualified as a doctor in Scotland. After stints in Canada and Texas he then worked as a GP in Manly, with a very large practice, prior to specializing, with training at RPA and the Royal Women's Hospital as well as further training in the UK.

Jim is was, until recently, head of the Obstetric Department at the Mater and at Manly Hospital. He is associated with both Notre Dame School of Medicine and the University of Sydney Medical School,  and enjoys teaching the specialists in training.

Dr Ferry is immensely experienced, having delivered over 6000 babies, and there is no complication he has not dealt with.


"A brief word on my philosophy of childbirth (from Dr Ferry)"

I have responsibility over your health and the health of your child.  So any mode of delivery is secondary to ensuring the health of you and your baby.

Nonetheless, I am happy to encourage birth plans as people vary in their own philosophies regarding childbirth.   I am happy to accommodate modalities such as aromatherapy and your desired position of delivery.  I am also happy if you wish to spend time in the spa during your first stage.

"My philosophy is to interfere as little as I can but as much as I have to!"

Apart from Pethidine and Gas I have found that TENS - Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation is very good for the early parts of the first stage.  TENS can be hired from labour - see www.TENS.com.au - or phone Heather on 9400 2709.  She will explain the principles to you.  I keep brochures in the rooms also.

I am happy and relaxed with the use of epidurals for pain relief if you so wish.  I also encourage antenatal Yoga or Pilates classes, as they are very beneficial for breathing and relaxation.

Occasionally patients request a caesarean section for reasons of their own, and I am happy to comply with this also.

I encourage swimming as I think this helps muscle tone a great deal. And I have found that patients, especially those with back pain, respond well to therapeutic massage treatments.

Please note there are no additional charges invoiced by me if you have a Caesarean section or a forceps delivery. It is well known that Jim's episiotomy and forceps rates are very low and he aims to avoid these whenever possible.

Another practical point is to please phone the surgery prior to your appointment.  Unfortunately I do sometimes run late, and this is unavoidable, usually due to a delivery or an emergency operation.  If you phone prior to your appointment this will save you unnecessary waiting time on those occasions. We try hard to cut down on waiting times for our patients but sometimes circumstances are quite unpredictable and occasionally you may need to be rescheduled.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your partner a happy and healthy pregnancy and a memorable birth.  


Jim only recently quit playing soccer and (babies permitting) swims every day.  He has three children, all working and studying at university.

Jim is Scottish and bases his practice on a caring, professional manner, but nevertheless friendly and relaxed with possibly some humour flung in!

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