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Published: 06-Apr-2015      Updated: 30-Jan-2020 By Jim Ferry
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When do I first visit my Obstetrician?

Your first appointment should be soon after becoming pregnant, then one appointment each month for the first 6 months followed by once a fortnight, with weekly visits leading into delivery.  If you have specific health problems or concerns related to your pregnancy, please contact us at any time.

When should I stop working?

This will depend on the type of work you do and your own general state of health. You should not push yourself beyond what is comfortable during pregnancy, and need to stay as stress free as possible.  Usually you can keep working until you feel you should stop.

Can I keep drinking coffee?

NSW Health recommends a limit of 200mg of caffeine a day during pregnancy,  the equivalent of two cups of instant coffee or four cups of medium strength tea. 

Can I drink alcohol?

No. Stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs while you are pregnant. Consumption of alcohol by pregnant mothers-to-be is linked to a range of problems for their babies, throughout infancy and childhood.

Where will I give birth?

Dr Jim Ferry works from the following hospitals. See our comparison page for full details on each.

  1. Mater Hospital
  2. North Shore Private 
  3. Royal North Shore Hospital 
  4. Manly Hospital

How do I choose the right Obstetrician?

The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and comfortable with your doctor. Choose a doctor with good experience and references.  Most of our patients come from referrals. Ask people you know, or contact the hospitals for recommendations. 

Why do I feel sick during pregnancy?

Morning sickness, which can occur at any time of the day, is normal during the first three months of pregnancy and sometimes longer.  Early pregnancy is a time of significant physical and hormonal change in the body,  as your baby forms and grows. Plain dry biscuits can sometimes ease the symptoms, however if you experience severe nausea you should contact your doctor. Be sure to drink plenty of water and other liquid (eg juices) to prevent dehydration, especially during summer.

Are medications safe during pregnancy?

Speak to both your GP and your obstetrician about any medications you are taking.

What costs are involved in having a baby?

Costs will vary depending on your level of health insurance, the choices you make for the hospital and any unforseen complications.

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