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How many babies have you delivered? 4000+

How many did you deliver last year? about 200

What would you say is the biggest surprise for most men? How well they cope, as well as how overwhelmed they are.

One thing all Dads-to-be need to know about birth, just being there is enough. The positive effect of the Dad's presence and support in the room during labour and birth is immeasurable. One Dad stood facing the wall throughout all three of his children’s births, it was enough for the mother.

Worst injury incurred during labour and birth to a man? Fractured skull. Dad happened to be a helicopter pilot, heard a sudden thud – he had fainted and cracked his skull.. 

Would you try to persuade a Dad to attend the birth if he didn’t want to be there? No, because the woman would know that he did not want to be there. The only exception would be, if she did not have any other form of support.

Funniest things Dads have said during birth? Had a Dad who was a comedian, he was cracking jokes all the way through.

Most inappropriate thing Dads have said during birth? Emotions are running high and often Dads say things they might not usually say!
Have any Dads ever fainted? Yes, many.

Strangest thing men have brought to the delivery room? Laptop full of action movies – sat and watched one after the other the whole way through.

What is the strangest request you have ever had? Not to speak after the baby was born. It’s also not uncommon for couples to ask to keep the placenta; they often want to bury it in the garden and then plant a tree over it.

In your whole career is there one birth that stands out from the rest which you always remember, .. and why?  No one specific birth, but sadly you remember the heart breaking ones. But to counter that, when a couple who thought they would never have a baby finally become parents it’s very special and memorable.

Quickest birth? One lady who coughed and the baby fell out.

Longest birth? 24 hours – nowadays we don’t let women go any longer than that.

Roughly what % of men cut the cord?  80%

You have three children - did you deliver them? No, I was needed for support. I knew I couldn’t be objective.

% of men that cry? Most of them!

Have you ever had to ask a Dad to leave the delivery suite and why? Yes, he was becoming very abusive and agitated causing the mother distress and so he had to leave.

What is your opinion on home birth? Birth is inherently dangerous occasionally – With standards so high in Australian hospitals it is hard to replicate the level of care at home which you would receive in a hospital.

Water birth? Comforting for labour, and it's ok to spend some or most of labor in a spa which can be very comforting but baby must be brought out as soon as possible once born as they cannot breathe in water. It’s also is a lot more difficult for the Obstetrician to prevent tears.

Pain relief? Lots of pros and cons for each method. With epidurals it must be taken into consideration that quite often women have not slept for several nights before the birth, the labour can be long and they are exhausted and feel demoralised about asking for an epidural - The first thing many women  do once it is inserted is sleep.Often morale is greatly increased after an epidural is inserted, for the dad as well. I find that TENS (Trans Cutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) is very helpful for the first stage.

Have you noticed the baby boom? Yes, definitely

Do you notice any other interesting trends? More couples are having a third child than they were.

A personal note from the founder of I'm going to be a Dad - Amanda Carroll
I was very fortunate to have Dr Ferry as my Obstetrician for both my children, Oliver and Zoe. I had a history of five unsuccessful pregnancies and so when Tim and I walked into Jim Ferry's office we were terrified. Dr Ferry shared in our happiness when he found a heartbeat and helped us to stay positive and excited throughout my pregnancy. I will never forget when Dr Ferry felt my stomach and said "Amanda, there's a healthy baby in there, you ARE going to have a baby!" He looked nearly as happy as we were and I wondered if he was as happy for all his patients? I have spoken to many of them and I can say the answer is that he is, without exception! Thank you Dr Ferry, for your precious time, for your honesty and for bringing my family safely into the world.

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