It's Twins!

Published: 01-Aug-2017      Updated: 02-Aug-2018 By Jim Ferry
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In most of Dr Ferry's cases twins are more than likely born prior to the 40 week mark, often before 38 weeks.

The Mater, North Shore Private or Royal North Shore Private is where Dr Ferry would deliver your twins either by normal vaginal delivery or by caesarian section. Through out your antenatal visits Dr Ferry will consult with you about what you want and what is in the best interests of your babies. Although the process of labour is essentially the same the twins will be monitored closely by Dr Ferry and the assisting midwives as a twin pregnancy does have a higher chance of complications.

Dr Ferry is immensely qualified and experienced in dealing with your potential twins! If you have any further queries or questions in regards to you and the obstetric care of your twins please don't hesitate to call us on 9977 0581.


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