Medical Expenses: Costs & Pricing Information

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1. Blood Tests, Ultrasounds and Investigations

Medicare pays 85% of the various Schedule Fees for these items and in a routine pregnancy you can expect to pay approximately $200 for such expenses. These tests include a number of investigations, including:

  • Blood count for anaemia and other deficiencies
  • Blood group and red cell antibody testing
  • Hepatitis B & C
  • Mid Stream Urine test for bladder and kidney infection
  • HIV  (optional)
  • RPR for syphilis
  • German Measles immunity testing
  • Varicella (chickenpox immunity testing)
  • Optional others:     CMV, toxoplasmosis, parvo virus B19 (slap cheek) - All of which can be contracted during pregnancy.

2.  Nuchal Translucency and other Tests

Nuchal Translucency is an ultrasound test that measures the risk of downs syndrome.  Also, at around 19 weeks there can be a morphology scan,  to look for foetal abnormalities.  (Nb: It is possible to miss some abnormalities,  and there are some that just do not show up on the scan.)   As well, if you are 35 years or older you may elect for an Amniocentesis or CVS.  

3. Epidural Injection

The Anaesthetist sets the fee for this.  The Medicare rebate is relatively small and there will be a gap payable by you.

4.  Hospital Accommodation Fees

You must contact your Health Fund to find out the extent of your cover. NB:  Most funds these days include 100% Hospital cover.

5. Paediatrician

Dr Ferry prefers that all babies under his care are monitored by a Paediatrician.  The Paediatrician's fee will be partly covered by Medicare and partly by your Health Fund.  Again, there may be a gap payable by you.  For example, at Caesarean section if there is concern about the baby then Dr Ferry will ask a paediatrician to attend. They are on 24 hour call and will be there even in the middle of the night if need be,  but a "middle of the night" fee will apply.

6. Antenatal Classes

The hospital in which you book usually arranges these classes and there can be a charge for these. Dr Ferry currently has antenatal classes available, these being run locally in his rooms.  These are excellent,  a local alternative run by local experienced midwives.

Please contact your health insurer to find out about rebates and services covered. 

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