Why Choose a Private Obstetrician

Published: 06-Apr-2016      Updated: 02-Aug-2018 By Jim Ferry
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Your private obstetrician will attend the delivery. They attend every delivery. This means that the doctor who is there with you while you are giving birth is that person with whom you have built up communication and understanding over the previous weeks and months, someone who knows you.  He or she is familiar with your background and understands any concerns you may have about the birth.  Your obstetrician knows your state of health and that of your baby, has overseen the development of your pregnancy, and is aware of any preferences you may have if decisions need to be made.

Other benefits of private care include the security of your own private room, great food with allowance for dietary preferences, a longer and more relaxed stay, and more one on one time and care. 

Dr Ferry:   When discussing this with my patients, what they most appreciate is the personalised one on one care, not just during the delivery but in the antenatal period. The 24 hour access to an experienced specialist is very reassuring, as is an experienced friendly face at their delivery.

In addition, the facilities are excellent at the Mater and at North Shore Private and importantly, new mothers are allowed to stay in hospital a bit longer to obtain support in, for example, breast feeding.

A private obstetrician takes ownership of the patient's problems and is someone always available for the patient to turn to, in this most important time in their life.

The public system has many excellent staff, both midwives and doctors and especially staff specialists, though some of the junior doctors in training are relatively inexperienced.  However the patient has little control over the entire process, no personalised care, and especially after hours can have relatively inexperienced doctors involved with instrument delivery, caesareans or even repairing episiotomies.

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